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Virtual Reality Arcade

Virtual Reality Exclusively Available at GameTime Mississauga

Ctrl V is Canada’s first virtual reality arcade, now with a location located inside GameTime Mississauga! Ctrl V Mississauga offers virtual reality experiences for all ages and skill levels. Patrons who visit this gaming hub gain a true sense of the latest technological advancements while enjoying the immersive entertainment.

What makes the virtual reality experience so unique and unforgettable is the technology used to bring the experiences to life. At Ctrl V Mississauga, you have the opportunity to use a top-of-the-line virtual reality headset called the HTC Vive. This headset provides realistic imagery with the added ability of 360° tracked motion that puts you directly into the game.

Gamers can play by the hour – And it is so simple to get started! After booking game time, watch the explanation video that teaches the do's and don'ts of handling the equipment so you can come to your session prepared and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

There are experiences for everyone at Ctrl V, from beginners to gaming veterans. Whether it is fighting monsters to defend your castle in QuiVr, to creating and destroying your own universe in Universe Sandbox 2, or challenging your friends to a game of virtual minigolf in Cloudlands Minigolf. This experience can be both an individual or a group outing, with different packages available for Birthday Parties and Corporate events.

Forget conventional arcades – why just play the game, when you can be the game. Ctrl V… when reality isn’t enough.

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Click here to fill out our liability waiver online. If you are under the age of 18, please have a parent or guardian fill it on your behalf.


Click here to watch our explainer video so that you don’t have to watch it when you arrive. You’ll learn how to operate all of the equipment we have.




Single Station/Time Split - $24.99 + HST = $28.24

30 Minute Remainder -13.99 + tax (1.82) = 15.81

4 Pack - $95.96 + HST = $108.44

8 Pack - $183.92 + HST = $207.84


Operating Hours!
Monday: 4pm - 11pm
Tuesday: 4pm - 11pm
Wednesday: 4pm - 12am
Thursday: 4pm - 11pm
Friday: 4pm - 12am
Saturday: 1pm - 12am
Sunday: 1pm - 11pm


View our cancellation policy here.

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